abseil / C++ Tips of the Week edit / delete

Bite-sized advice on modern C++, from developers at Google. Feels much like the old C++ FAQ Lite entries. Worth a look for CMP201 students.

to c++ cmp201 generics language-design programming templates ... on 25 October 2018

Clay Programming Language edit / delete

A modern C++-style language; uses Haskell-ish type inference techniques to allow reasonably pretty generic programming.

to c++ generics language-design type-inference types ... on 14 December 2013

Clay Programming Language edit / delete

Programming language with type propagation for generics (and reasonably clean syntax).

to generics language-design software type-systems ... on 03 January 2011

[Hs-Generics] Data.Generics with GPS (using Maps to avoid getting lost in Data) edit / delete

It appears Claus has been working on SYB+Uniplate too...

to generics haskell programming ... on 01 August 2008

HS XML queries via SYB3 like generic transformations edit / delete

Another generic transformations approach, with some HsXML examples. It appears from the provided code to be a "semi-structured data" system, which may be exactly what we want.

to compiler generics haskell research ... on 07 October 2006

Generic Programming with Strafunski edit / delete

Another library along the lines of Data.Generics.

to generics haskell research ... on 06 October 2006

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