AB21.3.6 edit / delete

Tony Hoare's 1965 proposal for adding records to Algol. It's quite nice.

to algol cmp409 data-structures language-design retrocomputing ... on 15 January 2019

How ASCII Got Its Backslash edit / delete

Short answer: "It enabled the ALGOL "and" to be "/\" and the "or" to be "\/"."

to algol ascii character history retrocomputing text ... on 14 February 2018

AlgolĀ 68 Genie - AlgolĀ 68 Compiler, Interpreter and Revised Report edit / delete

A modern implementation of Algol 68, and lots of documentation for it including the classic books.

to algol compiler etext interpreter software ... on 05 March 2015

On Go edit / delete

A critical comparison of Go and... Algol 68. I would also observe that Go failed to learn even from occam, another Algol-derived language that it's much more closely related to. But I wasn't previously aware of some of the cool features that Algol 68 had; this is a good read.

to algol concurrency go language-design retrocomputing ... on 05 March 2015

Algol W - Everything2.com edit / delete

Excellent description of the language from a former user. (There is at least one reasonably-modern implementation, AWE.)

to algol history language-design retrocomputing ... on 05 March 2015

The gamut M, EE KDF9, ICL 1900, ICS Multum, and many others edit / delete

Most interesting for the KDF9 stuff, including an emulator, lots of excellent documentation, early Algol implementations, the original Whetstone benchmark, and so on.

to algol benchmark emulation icl kdf9 retrocomputing whetstone ... on 03 August 2011

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