The gamut M, EE KDF9, ICL 1900, ICS Multum, and many others edit / delete

Most interesting for the KDF9 stuff, including an emulator, lots of excellent documentation, early Algol implementations, the original Whetstone benchmark, and so on.

to algol benchmark emulation icl kdf9 retrocomputing whetstone ... on 03 August 2011

ICL 1900 Series Computers - ICL 1900 Series Computers edit / delete

And the GEORGE operating system.

to 1900 george icl retrocomputing ... on 06 September 2009

Reflections on ICL Series Mainframes edit / delete

Including Bob Eager's description and photos of the 2900 system that UKC had.

to icl retrocomputing ukc ... on 18 October 2007

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