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"I started this blog because over my career so far as a software engineer, I’ve kept personally running into software that was slow, and wondering why. And when I had time to point a profiler at them and debug the slowness, I would very often discover quadratic behavior, which could usually be drastically improved to linear, with just a little work."

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A concrete illustration of practical running time vs big-O notation - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs edit / delete

One for AG0803 students: why algorithmic complexity isn't everything in a world with complex memory architectures.

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"I study the Digi-Comp II, a wooden mechanical computer whose only moving parts are balls, switches, and toggles. I show that the problem of simulating (a natural abstraction of) the Digi-Comp, with a polynomial number of balls, is complete for CC (Comparator Circuit)". A nice short example, with some interesting discussion on what the Digi-Comp can and can't compute and why.

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David Jefferies's navigation page. edit / delete

Antenna design, complex systems, and potential student projects.

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