Crit-bit trees edit / delete

A simplified version of the PATRICIA trie; allows the operations of a hash plus lexicographic lookup, with potentially better efficiency (although I guess you need to be careful about locality).

to associative data-structures djb hash tree ... on 17 December 2016

Things that use Ed25519 edit / delete

An interesting list. (Of course, the analogous "things that use RSA/AES" would be much longer...)

to crypto djb ed25519 ... on 21 June 2016

MinimaLT edit / delete

This appears to be the successor of CurveCP, related to the Ethos OS project.

to crypto djb networking protocols tcp ... on 26 March 2014

jedisct1/libsodium ยท GitHub edit / delete

An autoconf-ised version of the NaCl cryptography library. Looks worth playing with!

to api autoconf crypto djb nacl network security software ... on 17 January 2014

Introduction to DNSCurve edit / delete

DNS with NaCl cryptography. Encoding the public key in the nameserver's name is a cute trick (and works because the underlying algorithms allow secure short keys). Of course, this has absolutely no chance of being implemented by anyone :(

to crypto djb dns nacl software ... on 24 October 2013

NaCl edit / delete

Cryptography library with an author list including djb. This has a very elegant API that's designed to be easy to incorporate into other programs -- functions are (essentially) atomic and non-allocating.

to api crypto djb nacl network security software ... on 24 October 2013

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