apenwarr/sshuttle edit / delete

A VPN system that works over TCP without TCP-over-TCP problems. On the local machine, a transparent proxy and some firewall rules to rewrite outgoing traffic to it; the transparent proxy reassembles TCP streams, and feeds the data over a multiplexed ssh link to a proxy running on another machine. Neat. It doesn't currently have an option to use SSH's built-in SOCKS support, though -- and it would be cool if it could be made to use an arbitrary SOCKS proxy (e.g. Tor's).

to networking reassembly ssh tcp tcpip transparent-proxy vpn ... on 18 January 2015

Your Game Doesn't Need UDP (Yet) | glyph | ThoughtStreams edit / delete

Why TCP is often good enough for real-time applications. This'll be on the reading list for AG0907 students this year.

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MinimaLT edit / delete

This appears to be the successor of CurveCP, related to the Ethos OS project.

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Introduction to CurveCP edit / delete

A TCP-like protocol using NaCl's crypto. Interesting in that it's done entirely in userspace over UDP, with an eye both on pervasive crypto and good performance. Unfortunately the web site's a bit incomplete -- e.g. it suggests there's a CurveCP-like mechanism for encoding public keys in server names, but doesn't describe it.

to crypto nacl networking protocol-design tcp ... on 24 October 2013

ZMap ยท The Internet Scanner edit / delete

Stateless scanner for very large networks (e.g. the Internet). Shame they've chosen to roll their own completely broken build system and I can't compile it without copious hand-hacking.

to ip network scanner security tcp ... on 30 August 2013

MultiPath TCP - Linux Kernel implementation : Main - Home Page browse edit / delete

From userspace, it looks like TCP. To routers and NAT boxes, it looks like TCP. But it's actually using multiple TCP connections over different paths to improve reliability and throughput. The presentation is well worth a look, for a comprehensive overview of how your TCP connection is likely to get messed up by cheap/evil network hardware...

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