Frode Weierud's CryptoCellar edit / delete

Lots of Enigma-related stuff, including some finds of undecrypted messages and a good description of how to break it using modern statistical methods.

to cryptography enigma history ww2 ... on 17 January 2015

Enigma Cipher Machine edit / delete

With lots of pictures of the original hardware.

to cryptography enigma history mechanica ww2 ... on 17 January 2015

ENIGMA M4 - Breaking German Navy Ciphers edit / delete

"The "Breaking German Navy Ciphers" Project was founded in 2012. The goal is to break original radio messages, which were encoded with the famous German ENIGMA cipher machine. Up to now, we've succeeded in deciphering over 60 original World War II Enigma I M3 and M4 messages." This includes a batch of messages found in a sunken U-boat in the mid-80s -- surprisingly readable given 40 years underwater!

to cryptography enigma history ww2 ... on 17 January 2015

The Enigma cipher machine edit / delete

"These pages give an introduction to substitution ciphers and then go on to explain exactly how the Enigma machine worked and how it was used." A good description of how to actually implement it in software.

to cryptography enigma history ww2 ... on 17 January 2015

M4 Message Breaking Project edit / delete

Distributed project to break as-yet undecrypted WW2 Enigma messages. Interesting application of distributed computing to the field of history rather than biology or chemistry.

to cryptography distributed enigma ... on 08 June 2008

Banburismus edit / delete

The best description of the Enigma-breaking process I've seen.

to cryptography enigma retrotech ... on 08 June 2008

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