AMBI@Home edit / delete

Building an Ambisonics listening setup using open-source software on Linux. This looks like fun -- some day, when I have a nice quiet room that's big enough...

to ambisonics audio speakers surround ... on 30 July 2009

Roger Russell, McIntosh Lab., Scripto and Norma Pencils and leads edit / delete

Ex-director of McIntosh's speaker engineering division. Very interesting stuff.

to audio electronics retrotech speakers ... on 05 September 2008

DIY Audio projects including speaker and subwoofer designs, to gainclone and other amplifiers edit / delete

More speaker and amp designs. I particularly like the built-from-scratch driver.

to audio electronics speakers ... on 09 August 2008

Zaph|Audio edit / delete

Perfectly normal -- but nicely-engineered -- speaker designs, with analysis. Also some useful comparisons of different drivers.

to audio electronics speakers woodwork ... on 09 August 2008

Mark's Project Pages edit / delete

Audio projects. I like the speakers made from layered slices of plywood.

to audio electronics speakers ... on 09 August 2008

Zaph|Audio edit / delete

More sensible speaker designs.

to audio electronics speakers ... on 21 May 2007

DIY Loudspeaker Projects edit / delete

A very large collection of articles on DIY loudspeaker design and construction, with many different drivers and cabinet designs represented, and lots of interesting (largely audiophile-free) discussion of how to evaluate them. The vintage speaker/driver/crossover upgrades are particularly interesting.

to audio electronics loudspeakers retrotech speakers woodwork ... on 21 May 2007

Cyburgs Needle TQWT Visaton FRS 8 and Gainclone Amplifier edit / delete

Awww, cute! Folded horn speakers with little drivers.

to electronics hifi speakers ... on 30 July 2005

Speaker Wire edit / delete

A loudspeaker designer's thoughts on speaker cable.

to audio speakers ... on 18 May 2005

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