1960 JazzBass Build | Telecaster Guitar Forum edit / delete

Building a Jazz Bass from scratch - including making his own pickups and capacitors! Very impressive.

to bass fender jazz lutherie woodwork ... on 30 June 2018

Zaph|Audio edit / delete

Perfectly normal -- but nicely-engineered -- speaker designs, with analysis. Also some useful comparisons of different drivers.

to audio electronics speakers woodwork ... on 09 August 2008

DIY Loudspeaker Projects edit / delete

A very large collection of articles on DIY loudspeaker design and construction, with many different drivers and cabinet designs represented, and lots of interesting (largely audiophile-free) discussion of how to evaluate them. The vintage speaker/driver/crossover upgrades are particularly interesting.

to audio electronics loudspeakers retrotech speakers woodwork ... on 21 May 2007

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