Scott's Bass Lessons - YouTube edit / delete

Some interesting tips here.

to bass guitar music teaching ... on 10 October 2016

OJBR - Welcome to the OJBR edit / delete

"The Online Journal of Bass Research (OJBR) is a refereed electronic journal, published by the International Society of Bassists."

to bass guitar jazz journals music ... on 25 October 2015

Ashbory Bass Schematic edit / delete

The preamp for the Ashbory bass. Nothing remarkable, except that it includes a sensible-looking tone control circuit that'd probably be worth cloning for my little amp.

to ashbory audio bass electronics eq tone ... on 13 September 2011

— Steve Lawson: Bass 2.0 — the soundtrack to the day you wish you'd had edit / delete

Another one of those bassists with too many strings (via ben).

to bass music ... on 09 April 2010

WEBPAGE of DENNIS HAVLENA - W8MI Mackinac Straits, MI edit / delete

Various homebrew musical instruments.

to bass guitar instruments mandolin music ... on 16 May 2006

Jay's Museum edit / delete

Extremely impressive one-man-band rock with custom instruments. The videos are well worth watching.

to amusements bass electronics guitar music synth ... on 01 January 2006

Four String edit / delete

Loop pedal music using just a bass guitar. Sounds quite good.

to bass effects guitar music ... on 29 November 2005

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