Articles and Schematics edit / delete

A variety of interesting guitar pedal designs -- many based on FET-ified versions of guitar amps. The EQ pedal in particular looks interesting.

to amp audio compression distortion effects electronics eq guitar ... on 04 September 2016

EA Tremolo edit / delete

Built it. It works nicely (and first time too, even given some component subsitutions -- in particular, a BC550 works for the LFO transistor).

to audio effects electronics guitar tremelo ... on 01 April 2012

Music PCB ยป Echo Base delay edit / delete

Pseudo-analog delay effect. It'd be interesting to build something similar around one of the BBD chips I've got.

to audio delay echo effects electronics ... on 27 February 2011

Lab3 - Laboratory for Experimental Computer Science edit / delete

Doing audio processing with the Arduino. (Not quite SDR, but...)

to arduino audio avr effects microcontroller ... on 27 February 2011


Slightly inaccurate title: most of this is scans of electronics magazine articles for synthesisers, effects, and so on.

to effects electronics guitar synth ... on 28 December 2008

Matrixsynth: From Which the Gristleizer Came edit / delete

Guitar pedal from Practical Electronics in the 1970s with an LFO, VCF and VCA. The circuit's pretty simple.

to effects electronics guitar tinkersoc ... on 28 December 2008

Creating great guitar sounds on GNU/Linux edit / delete

Some suggestions for how to combine LADSPA plugins for guitar distortion.

to effects guitar ladspa software ... on 11 May 2008

guitargeek | the guitar rig database edit / delete

Neat diagrams of various guitarists' effects setups.

to effects guitar music visualisation ... on 20 October 2006

Four String edit / delete

Loop pedal music using just a bass guitar. Sounds quite good.

to bass effects guitar music ... on 29 November 2005

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