Tone From Heaven edit / delete

"The purpose of this site is to convey the general feeling of the effects used by David Gilmour and to explain as best I can what they are used for and where." Includes interviews with Pete Cornish (pedalboards) and BK Butler (of Butler Tube Driver fame).

to david-gilmour effects guitar pink-floyd tone ... on 06 April 2017

Active Speaker edit / delete

With simple one-knob tone control that'd probably do for my guitar amp.

to audio electronics tone ... on 15 June 2012

The Goertzel Algorithm edit / delete

An easiest (than FFT) way of doing tone recognition.

to algorithms audio detect filter software tone ... on 03 December 2011

Audio Designs With Opamps -2 edit / delete

Aha -- a simple feedback version of the Baxandall tone circuit. Maybe I should get around to finishing my guitar amp at some point...

to audio electronics tone ... on 25 November 2011

Ashbory Bass Schematic edit / delete

The preamp for the Ashbory bass. Nothing remarkable, except that it includes a sensible-looking tone control circuit that'd probably be worth cloning for my little amp.

to ashbory audio bass electronics eq tone ... on 13 September 2011

Fun With Tubes edit / delete

Includes a handy reference to tone control circuits.

to audio electronics retrotech tone valve ... on 16 May 2011

Duncan's Amp Pages edit / delete

The tech stuff is the most interesting; there's another good article on the Baxandall tone stack here.

to electronics tone valve ... on 12 April 2009

Stephen Keller's Home Page edit / delete

Various stuff on valve amplifier design, but I particularly like the page on tone controls, since it includes a scan of Baxandall's original article...

to amplifier baxandall electronics tone valve ... on 12 April 2009

Adam's Amplifiers edit / delete

Homebrew valve amps for musical use. Good article on different types of tone stacks, and a well-ordered collection of links to other projects.

to electronics guitar tone valves ... on 08 February 2007

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