Fred Nachbaur's Vacuum Tube Projects edit / delete

Some very complicated -- and some very simple -- valve amp designs.

to audio electronics guitar valves ... on 08 February 2007

Adam's Amplifiers edit / delete

Homebrew valve amps for musical use. Good article on different types of tone stacks, and a well-ordered collection of links to other projects.

to electronics guitar tone valves ... on 08 February 2007

Welcome to "viva Analog" edit / delete

Modifying guitar amps and effects. Includes circuit diagrams and mods for various pedals.

to electronics guitar music retrotech valves ... on 21 January 2007

Quad World edit / delete

About Quad amplifiers, with lots of technical detail. (Indeed, it's almost tempting to try to clone a Quad II...)

to audio electronics retrotech valves ... on 23 June 2006

Steve's Tube Pages edit / delete

Various unusual electronics design stuff: running valves off low voltages and "upside down", building amplifiers with no resistors or capacitors, measuring characteristics of different types of capacitors...

to electronics retrotech valves ... on 20 June 2006

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