Hofner Guitar Miscellany Home Page edit / delete

"A site for vintage guitar buffs, with plenty of photos of old Hofner guitars from the 50's and 60's, together with sections on Selmer, Watkins/WEM, Bird, Fenton-Weill, Grampion, Dallas, and Elpico Amps." A huge amount of information and photos - the stories behind the companies are interesting.

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Dalmura edit / delete

"My present focus is documenting amplifiers of Australian origin and sympathetically restoring them - often as a guitar and/or bass amplifier, but sometimes as original." Also a bit on Selmer electronic organs.

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Articles and Schematics edit / delete

A variety of interesting guitar pedal designs -- many based on FET-ified versions of guitar amps. The EQ pedal in particular looks interesting.

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STEVE - VK6HV edit / delete

Relatively simple HF amplifiers based on the 813.

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GM3WOJ contents page edit / delete

Interesting bits on building amplifiers, and how to properly maintain crank-up antenna towers (it's remarkably complicated).

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