hrvach/espple: Apple 1 Emulator with PAL RF Output edit / delete

SDR transmission of a PAL video signal with the ESP8266. Neat!

to apple emulation esp8266 pal rf sdr video ... on 24 October 2018 edit / delete

Various time-and-frequency projects, including a Beaglebone Black-based wideband SDR that looks pretty neat.

to electronics hp ntp reverse-engineering rf sdr time ... on 08 June 2015

My Hobbies: Met Balloon Hunting | RF Head – HAB & Ham Radio Experimentation edit / delete

"Every 6 hours (0,6,12,18 UTC), the Bureau of Meteorology (the BOM), launch a weather balloon. Where they land depends on mainly on atmospheric wind conditions at the time of launch. Some days, I'm out chasing them."

to ham radio radiosonde rdf rf ... on 28 May 2014

Welcome to the PA3CSG website! edit / delete

Big RF amplifiers with cheap Russian valves, and serious filters for them.

to amateur amplifier electronics hf radio rf valve vhf ... on 27 February 2012

Index - MARTIN - G8JNJ edit / delete

Assorted radio projects; the page on measuring balun loss is good.

to antenna balun electronics hf radio rf ... on 16 May 2011

GM3WOJ contents page edit / delete

Interesting bits on building amplifiers, and how to properly maintain crank-up antenna towers (it's remarkably complicated).

to amateur amp electronics hf mechanica radio retrotech rf ... on 11 April 2011

Bertie Genade's homepage edit / delete

Assorted electronics projects, including another VCR tuner-based spectrum analyser.

to electronics rf test-equipment ... on 02 April 2011

Box73 Amateurfunkservice edit / delete

Cheap 5W linear amp kit for 1.8-150MHz.

to amplifier linear radio rf ... on 07 November 2010

Dr. Megacycle's Words of Wisdom edit / delete

Good article on RF feedlines.

to antenna electronics feedline radio rf ... on 04 October 2010

Correct PL259 Fitting edit / delete

Matches the plugs I've got.

to electronics pl259 radio rf ... on 02 February 2010

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