Dalby Datormuseum edit / delete

"Dalby Datormuseum preserves and restores old computers. Our collection includes a number of historic computers and peripherals from a multitude of different vendors. Digital Equipment, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Commodore, Luxor and Ericsson are represented." A Swedish retrocomputing perspective.

to dec hp ibm retrocomputing ... on 07 June 2018

HP Memory Project edit / delete

The history of the Hewlett-Packard company, with lots of interesting documents (e.g. the internal newsletters from various eras).

to electronics history hp retrocomputing retrotech test-equipment ... on 22 January 2016

jks.com edit / delete

Various time-and-frequency projects, including a Beaglebone Black-based wideband SDR that looks pretty neat.

to electronics hp ntp reverse-engineering rf sdr time ... on 08 June 2015

HP Computer Museum edit / delete

Lots of pictures. They made some very neat stuff; it's a shame it was never affordable...

to hp retrocomputing ... on 30 January 2013

34s:start [HP Calculator Wiki] edit / delete

Alternative firmware for current(-ish) HP calculators to reproduce the RPN experience.

to calculator firmware hp maths rpn ... on 03 January 2013

HP Journal - online issues edit / delete

From 1949 to 1998. Absolutely fascinating stuff -- particularly the computing bits for me, but there's lots of electronics info here too, in short, to-the-point articles.

to electronics hp journals retrocomputing ... on 13 March 2009

HP9825 edit / delete

The history of HP's early computer business.

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