spigot: a command-line exact real calculator edit / delete

A calculator which "does not output any digit of the answer until it's sure that the digit is right, and it will keep generating digits until you tell it to stop." Which means it's great if you're after pi, but struggles with numbers like 0.

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An impressive collection of Eastern Bloc hardware -- including lots of Spectrum clones.

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34s:start [HP Calculator Wiki] edit / delete

Alternative firmware for current(-ish) HP calculators to reproduce the RPN experience.

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The ternary calculating machine of Thomas Fowler edit / delete

18th-century British computing.

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technikum29 - Start edit / delete

Museum in Frankfurt with some very impressive early computers and calculators -- lots of neat pictures!

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Bill Kotaska's Busicom 141-PF Replica edit / delete

Build your own 4004-based calculator (the original microprocessor application).

to 4004 calculator electronics retrocomputing ... on 17 November 2008

The Old Calculators Web Museum edit / delete

As it says on the tin. Includes a slightly different version of my Singer.

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Computermuseum der Fakultaet Informatik edit / delete

A decent German computer museum. Now I know lots of completely useless German for things like "high-speed paper tape reader"... This is the museum that has the heavily-modified PDP-11/20 with semiconductor RAM, etc. They also have a very pretty LAB-8...

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Voidware Calculators edit / delete

Some decent HP/TI/... models pages.

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