An impressive collection of Eastern Bloc hardware -- including lots of Spectrum clones.

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34s:start [HP Calculator Wiki] edit / delete

Alternative firmware for current(-ish) HP calculators to reproduce the RPN experience.

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The ternary calculating machine of Thomas Fowler edit / delete

18th-century British computing.

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technikum29 - Start edit / delete

Museum in Frankfurt with some very impressive early computers and calculators -- lots of neat pictures!

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Bill Kotaska's Busicom 141-PF Replica edit / delete

Build your own 4004-based calculator (the original microprocessor application).

to 4004 calculator electronics retrocomputing ... on 17 November 2008

The Old Calculators Web Museum edit / delete

As it says on the tin. Includes a slightly different version of my Singer.

to calculator electronics retrotech ... on 07 June 2008

Computermuseum der Fakultaet Informatik edit / delete

A decent German computer museum. Now I know lots of completely useless German for things like "high-speed paper tape reader"... This is the museum that has the heavily-modified PDP-11/20 with semiconductor RAM, etc. They also have a very pretty LAB-8...

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Voidware Calculators edit / delete

Some decent HP/TI/... models pages.

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