Leo Broukhis Homepage edit / delete

Most interesting for the "BESM-6 Nostalgia" and "BK-0010 Nostalgia" sections.

to besm6 bk0010 pdp11 retrocomputing russia soviet ... on 11 October 2016

Unix Tree edit / delete

"Welcome to the Unix Tree. Here you can browse the source code and manuals of various old versions of Unix." A lower-tech version of DDS's Git repo.

to digital history pdp11 retrocomputing unix ... on 11 October 2016

Noel Chiappa's Home Page edit / delete

I came here from one of the retrocomputing lists (PDP-11 panels), but the section on Japanese woodblock art is really interesting.

to art digital japan pdp11 retrocomputing ukiyoe woodblock ... on 15 September 2016

Commentary on the Sixth Edition UNIX Operating System edit / delete

The text of the Lions book, electronically. (Did you know there's also a Lions commentary on the PCC backend?)

to history lions pdp11 retrocomputing unix ... on 16 March 2016

PK-FPGA edit / delete

Recreating the 1801-based BK series of computers. The forum has lots of useful info,

to 1801 fpga pdp11 retrocomputing soviet ... on 22 January 2016

proj:bk:1801vm-series [vak.ru] edit / delete

Some information about the 1801 series, especially the boot process.

to 1801 pdp11 retrocomputing ... on 22 January 2016

RT-11 :: ИГРУШКИ edit / delete

Descriptions and screenshots of various FOBOS (Russian RT-11) games.

to emulation games pdp11 retrocomputing rt11 soviet tetris ... on 28 June 2015

OriginalTetrisHowto - Dyne.org Wiki edit / delete

How to run the Elektronika 60 version of Tetris -- i.e. the original version -- under simh. Turns out it'll work quite happily on RT-11 on any PDP-11...

to amusements emulation games pdp11 retrocomputing rt11 soviet tetris ... on 28 June 2015

Микроконтроллеры и микропроцессоры / Продукты / Ангстрем edit / delete

Russian electronics company Angstrem, who still advertise their PDP-11 and VAX clone CPUs. I wonder whether they sell them in hobbyist quantities?

to cpu electronics pdp11 retrocomputing russia soviet vax ... on 24 June 2015

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