Computers I've Loved edit / delete

Life at a large American university. Much CDC stuff, some DEC, and various less common machines.

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PDP-10 Serial Numbers - mthompson edit / delete

Abertay's was a KL.

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SAILDART Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab DART Archive edit / delete

"This is an archive of the first Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory derived from its final backup tapes." Run SAIL and various applications in a browser.

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Welcome to RETROCMP edit / delete

Detailed PDP-11 restoration, and re-animating a PDP-10 front panel using a BeagleBone.

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KS10 FPGA | edit / delete

Another PDP-10 in an FPGA.

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David G. Conroy edit / delete

The new home of the PDP-10/X, etc.

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SAILDART Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab DART Archive edit / delete

Includes all the WAITS source code, the SAIL compiler, lots of early TeX stuff, and so on. Dunno if anyone's working on an emulatable WAITS...

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Dan Murphy's Personal Home Page edit / delete

Lots of interesting stuff, particularly the TENEX/TOPS-10 material.

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Welcome to UP.UPDATE.UU.SE edit / delete

An emulated PDP-10 webserver running on ITS.

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