OpenBMC edit / delete

"OpenBMC is an open software framework to build a complete Linux image for a Board Management Controller (BMC)."

to bmc firmware linux software ... on 21 June 2016

tmk/tmk_keyboard ยท GitHub edit / delete

Open-source AVR firmware for keyboards. I keep meaning to convert the Heath keyboard that I've got sitting around...

to avr electronics firmware input keyboard microcontroller ps2 software usb ... on 25 August 2014

binwalk - Firmware Analysis Tool - Google Project Hosting edit / delete

Find interesting things in firmware images.

to embedded firmware reverse-engineering software ... on 11 February 2013

34s:start [HP Calculator Wiki] edit / delete

Alternative firmware for current(-ish) HP calculators to reproduce the RPN experience.

to calculator firmware hp maths rpn ... on 03 January 2013

SansaAMS < Main < Wiki edit / delete

Rockbox support for the Clip+.

to firmware sansa software ... on 15 October 2011

Ombouw & software voor amateur transceivers edit / delete

Replacement firmware for assorted PMR radios.

to firmware ham pmr radio ... on 30 December 2009

SDT-9000 SGI firmware edit / delete

Audio-capable firmware for the Sony SDT-9000 DDS drive.

to audio dat firmware hardware ... on 06 October 2006

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