tmk/tmk_keyboard ยท GitHub edit / delete

Open-source AVR firmware for keyboards. I keep meaning to convert the Heath keyboard that I've got sitting around...

to avr electronics firmware input keyboard microcontroller ps2 software usb ... on 25 August 2014

Building a chording keyboard: progress so far - edit / delete

Repurposing a Razor gaming mouse into a chording keyboard.

to chording electronics input keyboard ... on 07 September 2013

Bellaire Electronics, Cykey, Microwriter, Agenda edit / delete

Complete Microwriter keycodes (in binary order). I want to build a chording keyboard at some point.

to chord electronics input keyboard ... on 21 July 2007

Scrollbelt for keyboards edit / delete

Wow, a new input idea that I actually like (and someone else who dislikes scrollwheels on mice).

to input ... on 21 July 2005

Nils Klarlund home page edit / delete

Some interesting stuff on computer input devices -- particularly speech input.

to input software speech ... on 20 July 2005

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