David Hembrow - Hi-Fi Pages. Reviews, Articles, Ideas etc. edit / delete

Some reviews of hi-fi components. The Arcam NICAM tuner is an interesting (and now completely useless) device...

to audio hifi retrotech reviews ... on 31 March 2016

Planets, feeds and blogs | Flameeyes's Weblog edit / delete

A review of rawdog! I've fixed some of the things he complained about since then (e.g. it's in Git now) -- but there's definitely stuff for the to-do list here.

to rawdog reviews rss software ... on 13 March 2015

Canterbury's top 10 budget eats | Travel | guardian.co.uk edit / delete

I've used the Edinburgh and Birmingham equivalents of this article, so it's interesting to see the Canterbury version to calibrate against. Good call on Supernoodles, and I've heard good things about The Farmhouse. Cafe Mauresque is more expensive and not as good as Azouma, though, and I wouldn't include the Goods Shed (which I've also not been terribly impressed by) in a list of *budget* eats!

to canterbury food restaurants reviews ... on 08 December 2009

Power | Hardware Secrets edit / delete

Clueful PSU reviews.

to hardware psu reviews shopping ... on 21 October 2009

junklog edit / delete

Brad (as in Brad Sucks)'s del.icio.us-style book/music review site.

to books music reviews tagging ... on 16 January 2006

Complete Review - Welcome to the Complete Review edit / delete

A large collection of book reviews.

to books fiction reviews ... on 12 November 2005

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