SCP Foundation edit / delete

Much along the lines of Warehouse 23...

to amusements fiction sf ... on 13 March 2015

Jane Austen Fiction Manuscripts: Home edit / delete

"The Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts Digital Edition gathers together in the virtual space of the web some 1100 pages of fiction written in Jane Austen’s own hand." I'm not really very interested in Jane Austen's fiction itself, but the details of how the manuscripts were preserved and digitised are really interesting.

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Free Radical - By Shamus Young edit / delete

The author thought System Shock was pretty neat, but needed a proper backstory. So he wrote one.

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Jon Ingold's Page edit / delete

Jon Ingold's IF.

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paean to wanderings edit / delete

Argh! *This* was the site I spent a good hour trying to find a few weeks ago, with nice visualisations of the structures of various CYOA books, showing how different genres of CYOA vary in terms of complexity.

to adventure cyoa fiction game if visualisation ... on 17 January 2013

Out of This World and Out of the Unknown: bringing science fiction to the small screen | MetaFilter edit / delete

With links to many of the episodes and the original stories, where available.

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Searching The Library Of Babel - The edit / delete

Books that Jorge Luis Borges recommended -- with links to etext versions where available (which is most of them).

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while we tell of yuletide treasure edit / delete

A Christmas fanfic collection. I like the Settlers of Catan one.

to amusements fanfic fiction ... on 06 January 2011

Decades Of Darkness edit / delete

Alternative histories, including the excellent "Lands of Red and Gold".

to amusements australia etext fiction history ... on 01 December 2010

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