GDC: Me at Indie Soapbox, Ranting about Text | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling edit / delete

Some examples of interesting text-based games from Emily Short.

to adventure cyoa games if text ... on 15 April 2013

paean to wanderings edit / delete

Argh! *This* was the site I spent a good hour trying to find a few weeks ago, with nice visualisations of the structures of various CYOA books, showing how different genres of CYOA vary in terms of complexity.

to adventure cyoa fiction game if visualisation ... on 17 January 2013

His Majesty's Ship Impetuous edit / delete

The Apple 2 game converted to Javascript. Obviously.

to amusements cyoa games if ... on 21 January 2012

Choice of Games edit / delete

CYOA-style IF. Works pretty well.

to cyoa games if ... on 16 October 2011

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