avr projects - ATmega8 TNC edit / delete

A use for some of those ATmega8s I've got around...

to avr microcontroller packet radio tnc ... on 19 May 2012

CB Packet Radio Website. CBPG. edit / delete

As it says. Apparently still active in various parts of the world.

to cb packet radio ... on 05 January 2012

James Miller's Home Page edit / delete

Hm, thought I'd bookmarked this before -- lots of interesting satellite-related information, and GPS-disciplined oscillator and 9600bps packet modem projects.

to amateur electronics gps packet radio satellite ... on 10 July 2011

TVIPUG edit / delete

Defunct packet group, but useful projects, including a simpler 9600-baud modem.

to amateur electronics modem packet radio ... on 04 July 2011

DCC Web Site edit / delete

Useful information (lists of packet nodes, etc.).

to amateur packet radio ... on 04 July 2011

MINI-TNC edit / delete

Software TNC done in a microcontroller.

to aprs electronics microcontroller packet radio ... on 27 February 2011

Build the EH STAR Antenna for 27 MHz Packet Radio edit / delete

Building an EH antenna for CB use. He suggests it works all right, but it's very sensitive to the downlead placement -- i.e. it's using the downlead as a radiator.

to aerial amateur cb eh hf packet radio small-aerial ... on 09 January 2010

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