CB Packet Radio Website. CBPG. edit / delete

As it says. Apparently still active in various parts of the world.

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G7POS edit / delete

Converting CB radios for use on various amateur bands (not just 10m -- he walks through a conversion for 4m!).

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The Ultimate Guide to 11 Meter CB Antennas edit / delete

A surprisingly good reference to antenna design from an "11 meter" enthusiast. (This being one of those bands that has wavelengths long enough to make antenna design nontrivial, but not so long that you're always compromising...)

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Microphone Connections : Ham Radio Blog – IW5EDI edit / delete

I find it a bit mind-boggling that nobody thought to standardise this, given radios do tend to use the same connector...

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Welcome to CBTricks edit / delete

Includes schematics for many classic radios.

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Knights CB Radio - The UK's No.1 for CB edit / delete

CB equipment supplier in the UK. I'm amazed that they do enough business to survive, but anyway...

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L'ANTENNE ISOTRON edit / delete

Right, this is more interesting: this guy twigged that the Isotron and EH antennas look like they're operating on similar principles, and came up with a simpler design drawing on both, which can be homebrewed with some plastic pipe and old hard disk platters (!). Looks like it works well. There's a PDF here giving simple instructions for building the CB version.

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Isotron edit / delete

DIY clone of the commercial Isotron antennas. They are unimpressed with the performance.

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Build the EH STAR Antenna for 27 MHz Packet Radio edit / delete

Building an EH antenna for CB use. He suggests it works all right, but it's very sensitive to the downlead placement -- i.e. it's using the downlead as a radiator.

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Firestik Antenna Company Home Page edit / delete

Neat (and reasonably cheap) aerials that are essentially a loading coil wound onto a fibreglass stick.

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