Papers - John Griffin edit / delete

Economics research with a specialism in financial bubbles - there are interesting discussions of Bitcoin and the first Internet bubble here, among lots of other papers.

to bitcoin bubble economics politics ... on 29 June 2020

Decay in government quality and its cost in Covid-19 lives - Agenda Pública edit / delete

"Countries with the highest Covid-19 related death rates have one thing in common: a seriously deteriorating quality of government over the last 20 years."

to covid politics ... on 28 June 2020

Electoral Calculus: Scottish pages edit / delete

History and predictions for Scottish seats.

to election politics scotland ... on 17 July 2019

A Cyberpunk Manifesto - Revised | Neon Dystopia edit / delete

"The original translation of Kirtchev’s A Cyberpunk Manifesto, now 20 years old and translated from Bulgarian, is not exactly known for its perfect English." Although if you're filing this under "fashion/lifestyle" then I think you're kind of missing the point...

to culture cyberpunk manifesto politics retrotech ... on 06 April 2017

Geopolitical Hedging as a Service | Jon Bruner edit / delete

"It’s possible to force [Google Maps and MS maps] to display the map corresponding to a particular country, though, and I’ve done that here in order to compare the maps that they serve to different constituencies."

to amusements maps politics ... on 14 October 2016 - Center for Range Voting - front page edit / delete

Nice overview of range voting systems. This came up during a discussion about governance in open source projects as a simpler alternative to the kind of approach Debian use.

to election politics voting ... on 15 September 2016

The Pirate Book – The Pirate Book – A compilation of stories about sharing, distributing and experiencing cultural contents outside the boundaries of local economies, politics, or laws edit / delete

"This work offers a broad view on media piracy as well as a variety of comparative perspectives on recent issues and historical facts regarding piracy." Interesting stories.

to history media piracy politics ... on 28 February 2016 edit / delete

Predicting the results of the general election using R. With pretty pictures.

to election modelling politics prediction statistics uk ... on 28 March 2015

A Brief Political History Of The United Kingdom | FiveThirtyEight edit / delete

As it says. A surpringly compact overview.

to history politics uk ... on 28 March 2015

New Clues edit / delete

"Non-neutral applications built on top of the neutral Net are becoming as inescapable as the pull of a black hole. If Facebook is your experience of the Net, then you’ve strapped on goggles from a company with a fiduciary responsibility to keep you from ever taking the goggles off."

to internet politics privacy society web ... on 22 March 2015

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