Bruce Perens: How Many Open Source Licenses Do You Need? edit / delete

Good article from Bruce Perens on choosing a license. I would not recommend any of the licenses he does (my equivalents would be ISC, GPL2, LGPL2, and DEAR GOD NO PLEASE DON'T DO THAT), but this would be a good basis for a discussion at some point...

to free-software licensing ... on 16 February 2009 edit / delete

A copyright reform group, including Alan Story from Kent; wonder if we could get him to do a lab seminar at some point?

to copyright free-software ... on 07 June 2008

Libre Society edit / delete

An odd (but thought-provoking) approach to free culture: "licenses" that attempt to codify ethical rather than legal guidelines.

to ethics free-software law licensing pd politics ... on 27 May 2007

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