The International Free and Open Source Software Law Book edit / delete

"As legal systems differ throughout the world there are significant differences in how Free and Open Source Software licenses are treated in different countries, and it can be difficult to obtain reliable information on national interpretations." Very interesting.

to law licensing open-source ... on 14 October 2016

Essays edit / delete

A selection of... randomly interesting stuff related to licensing, cypherpunkery, etc. I honestly can't remember how I got here. (*checks browser history* -- oh, it was the article on Silk Road.)

to amusements bitcoin cypherpunks licensing philosophy politics security tea ... on 24 March 2013 edit / delete

Sample tests for UK amateur radio licenses.

to ham licensing radio ... on 13 September 2009

Bruce Perens: How Many Open Source Licenses Do You Need? edit / delete

Good article from Bruce Perens on choosing a license. I would not recommend any of the licenses he does (my equivalents would be ISC, GPL2, LGPL2, and DEAR GOD NO PLEASE DON'T DO THAT), but this would be a good basis for a discussion at some point...

to free-software licensing ... on 16 February 2009

Libre Society edit / delete

An odd (but thought-provoking) approach to free culture: "licenses" that attempt to codify ethical rather than legal guidelines.

to ethics free-software law licensing pd politics ... on 27 May 2007

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