Hacking Team: a zero-day market case study edit / delete

"This article documents Hacking Team's third-party acquisition of zero-day (0day) vulnerabilities and exploits. The recent compromise of Hacking Team's email archive offers one of the first public case studies of the market for 0days."

to economics exploit security ... on 15 September 2016

Andrew M. Odlyzko edit / delete

There's various well-written, interesting material here on the historical intersection of economics and technology (e.g. railways and the Internet); the best are collected on the "technology and financial manias" page. Why the Internet bubble was nothing new, and probably didn't have the impact you thought it had.

to amusements business economics etext history internet railway ... on 18 January 2015

Fuel Prices historic data edit / delete

As it says. Useful.

to economics fuel ... on 19 October 2008

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