The 100 Most Influential Singles of the 1960s - Rate Your Music edit / delete

From one of the Metafilter music people. Very opinionated. Lots of interesting stuff here, though.

to 1960s history music recording rock ... on 05 April 2017

Pink Floyd and the Publius Enigma: the Pink Floyd faq edit / delete

I was wondering why the released version of Pulse is substantially different from the version I watched on TV in the 90s...

to faq music pink-floyd prog rock ... on 27 August 2016

ETWiki edit / delete

Comprehensive wiki (and former newsletter) for King Crimson. This is an excellent source of lyrics for their songs.

to king-crimson lyrics music prog rock ... on 27 August 2016

The Joe Smith Collection (Recorded Sound Reference Center; Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division; Library of Congress) edit / delete

Interviews, dating from the late 80s, with a number of well-known musicians. (You'll probably recognise Joe Smith from lots of BBC music documentaries...)

to history interview jazz music rock ... on 14 December 2013

Megadeth Tabs edit / delete

As it says.

to guitar music rock tab ... on 19 February 2007

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