Warren Spector - lectures - YouTube edit / delete

Long-form oral history interviews with game developers. Doing this as a lecture is an interesting idea.

to games history interview retrocomputing ... on 08 February 2016

The Joe Smith Collection (Recorded Sound Reference Center; Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division; Library of Congress) edit / delete

Interviews, dating from the late 80s, with a number of well-known musicians. (You'll probably recognise Joe Smith from lots of BBC music documentaries...)

to history interview jazz music rock ... on 14 December 2013

Bob Claster's Funny Stuff edit / delete

Radio interviews from the 80s/90s with a number of notable comedians -- including Douglas Adams, Tom Lehrer, and most of the Monty Python crew. Very interesting stuff.

to adams amusements comedy interview lehrer monty-python radio ... on 20 July 2013

Amiga ยป Codetapper's Amiga Retro Site! edit / delete

Various stuff, but the most interesting bits are the interviews with some of the programmers and designers -- including one with Rob Northen of wacky disk format fame.

to ag0700 amiga interview retrocomputing ... on 09 January 2013

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