MST3k Temple edit / delete

Various stuff about the history of MST3K. (Now a bit out of date given the new series...)

to comedy history mst3k tv ... on 17 July 2019

Binding Polymer - Keeping you together since 1892. edit / delete

Reviews of MST3K video fanfiction. (Yes, this is a pretty specialist blog.)

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Bob Claster's Funny Stuff edit / delete

Radio interviews from the 80s/90s with a number of notable comedians -- including Douglas Adams, Tom Lehrer, and most of the Monty Python crew. Very interesting stuff.

to adams amusements comedy interview lehrer monty-python radio ... on 20 July 2013 - Menu of 962 radio shows edit / delete

Episode lists (via Dad).

to comedy radio ... on 14 October 2011

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Info Site edit / delete

Oh dear...

to comedy isihac radio ... on 02 March 2009

Research notes edit / delete

Episode and sketch listings for ISIRTA, Monty Python and At Last The 1948 Show.

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Round the Horne sub-site edit / delete

With handy detailed episode lists. (RTH series 1 is airing on BBC7 at the moment.)

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HENRY PHILLIPS edit / delete

Musical comedy that Mark pointed me at. I like "Your Tax Dollars At Work", which appears not to be online...

to comedy music ... on 19 August 2008

Welcome to Just A Minute! edit / delete

With transcripts for all the episodes through 2007 (!).

to bbc comedy just-a-minute radio ... on 08 June 2008

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