"Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mongolian language site" edit / delete

I'd previously seen the Chinese poetry in Pink Floyd lyrics section of this site, but there's a lot of interesting stuff here about the relationships between different Asian languages and writing systems.

to chinese japanese language linguistics mongolian vietnamese ... on 24 September 2017

{Words of Songs} edit / delete

Translations of lyrics from anime theme tunes. Now I have the Ouran theme stuck in my head again. Dammit.

to anime japanese lyrics music ... on 19 February 2007

Jim Breen's Japanese Page edit / delete

Some stuff about computing in Japanese, and links to online dictionaries.

to japanese ... on 13 August 2006

nihongo1 edit / delete

An intro to Japanese for anime fans. "Everything I know about Japanese..."

to anime japanese ... on 13 August 2006

Japanese-English Dictionary Interface (JEDI) edit / delete

A decent interface to EDICT.

to dictionary japanese ... on 30 August 2005

narcissu.insani.org edit / delete

English translation of a morbid-but-interesting-looking doujin game.

to games japanese ... on 22 August 2005

SourceForge.net: Project Filelist edit / delete

A set of CJK fonts that tries to be complete.

to chinese fonts japanese ... on 14 May 2005

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