Roots of Folk: Old English, Scots, and Irish Songs and Tunes edit / delete

Broadside ballads and related stuff. If you're wondering exactly how many songs there are to the "Captain Kidd" tune, this is the place to go.

to folk lyrics song tunes ... on 21 January 2012

Remembering the Old Songs edit / delete

Histories of American folk songs. Very interesting stuff.

to folk history lyrics music ... on 16 September 2010

About - Dick Gaughan's Website edit / delete

It's very hard not to like a folk musician who builds their own web sites.

to folk guitar lyrics music songs tunes ... on 09 May 2010 edit / delete

Includes lyrics to Tom Bliss's songs -- I should learn "Silverlode of Sark" and "The Grey Lady" (both excellent songs) at some point. Hm, they have a version of "Waulkin' O' The Fauld"...

to folk lyrics music songs tunes ... on 13 April 2010

Harry's Blues Lyrics Online, Home Page, US edit / delete

Exactly what it says on the tin. The glossary is fascinating.

to blues history lyrics music songs ... on 06 September 2009

English Folk Music edit / delete

Mostly of the 1970s-1980s persuasion. Good set of lyrics.

to chords folk lyrics music tab ... on 25 November 2008

Ron's Folk Chords edit / delete

The chords site I keep forgetting to bookmark, with decent transcriptions of Richard Shindell, Jeffrey Foucault, etc.

to chords foucault lyrics shindell ... on 31 March 2008

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