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Michael Hammer, organist and pianist for a large, complicated American church. He has a really nice collection of recordings and articles here; I particular like the improvisations with a saxophonist.

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Schemellis Gesangbuch edit / delete

Algorithmically harmonising Bach. (I suspect Bach would have approved.)

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James Kibbie - Bach Organ Works edit / delete

All of them. For free. Cool.

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www.linusakesson.net edit / delete

Much of interest, including quite a bit of music and some neat AVR stuff. I particularly like the SID arrangements of Bach with a cathedral reverb applied...

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Teri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages: Index Page edit / delete

Various Bach stuff -- including the hunt for pictures of him, and some interesting comparative reviews of recordings.

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Yo Tomita's personal web space edit / delete

Some interesting information about Bach's WTC II (and decent MIDI files of it).

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Partituras edit / delete

Various scanned classical scores.

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INDEX/WELCOME - www.larips.com edit / delete

Inferring the temperament Bach used for keyboard instruments from the "diagram" on the Well-Tempered Clavier title page. I've implemented the tuning for Aeolus, and it's quite fun to play with.

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WIMA: Werner Icking Music Archive edit / delete

All sorts of classical scores.

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