Oboe Classics - Geoffrey Burgess on the Oboe as the Custodian of Orchestral Pitch edit / delete

Why orchestras tune to the oboe, and what they've actually been tuning to over time. (They suggest that if you've got a recording at an unknown speed, assuming A=440Hz is actually not a bad idea.)

to history music oboe orchestra retrotech tuning ... on 12 September 2017

Organs and organ music for church, home and theater. A reference source by Colin Pykett edit / delete

Lots and lots of articles on (mostly English church) organs, organ technology and organ tuning.

to church electronics history music organ retrotech temperament tuning ... on 27 August 2016

The Spiral Tuning edit / delete

(Via Brendan Power.) This appears to be the harmonica tuning I was after -- I just want a tremelo version of it...

to harmonica music tuning ... on 18 March 2013

Scala Home Page edit / delete

Software for experimenting with alternative tunings.

to music music-theory software temperament tuning ... on 04 May 2009

Dave Keenan's Home Page edit / delete

Random interesting stuff: odd temperaments, renewable energy, mathematics, AVR programmers, FPGAs, etc. I came here via the "To Dissect a Mockingbird" paper, which takes its analogy *way* too far, but there's lots more here. He used to be an occam programmer too.

to architecture avr energy fpga maths music pacifism tuning ... on 04 April 2009

INDEX/WELCOME - www.larips.com edit / delete

Inferring the temperament Bach used for keyboard instruments from the "diagram" on the Well-Tempered Clavier title page. I've implemented the tuning for Aeolus, and it's quite fun to play with.

to bach history music tuning ... on 13 February 2006

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