Lutherie edit / delete

Along the same lines as; good article on how to cut a new nut.

to instrument music nut repair ... on 05 May 2018

WarrantyVoid - the electronic sound toy and keyboard modification site edit / delete

Aimed at circuit-benders, but has a very comprehensive list of home keyboards with descriptions of the technology they use and the sounds you can get out of them. I came here looking for details on the Casio CZ-230S I'd just bought...

to casio circuit-bending electronics instrument keyboard retrotech synth yamaha ... on 31 December 2015

HammondWiki - Home Page edit / delete

A very comprehensive wiki about playing and maintaining Hammond tonewheel organs. Useful reference even for those of us who're just playing a software simulation...

to electronics hammond instrument music organ retrotech tonewheel ... on 29 June 2015

Howto Build the eChanter - edit / delete

Two bagpipe-related links yesterday -- how to build a cheap-and-cheerful electronic practice chanter. This abuses AVR inputs as touch sensors.

to arduino avr bagpipe instrument midi ... on 27 February 2012

How to make a CPVC Membrane Pipe - YouTube edit / delete

Hm, neat. Not sure my neighbours would approve.

to bagpipe diy folk instrument music pipe ... on 27 February 2012

Acoustic Pickups, Preamps and Amps from Headway Music Audio. edit / delete

Makers of pickups for acoustic instruments, including mandola/bouzouki. Recommended by Jem of Relig Oran. I do wonder whether they're going a bit over the top with their technical descriptions -- how many musicians know what "Class A" means?

to electronics instrument music pickup ... on 17 March 2010

Almost All Digital Electronics edit / delete

Various electronics testgear kits. The LC meter looks very useful, and comes recommended by Hans Summers...

to electronics instrument meter shopping ... on 23 September 2009

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