Apple II Ootw Demake edit / delete

"Out Of This World" ported to the Apple II.

to apple2 games retrocomputing ... on 29 June 2020

Hardcore Gaming 101 - Blog: Over 1800 Atari VCS games trawled for hidden stuff! edit / delete

Apparently quite a few 2600 games include chunks of source code -- or other data, e.g. Apple or Atari ROMs -- in their cartridge image, presumably for the same reason that the Amiga Kickstart disk did. Interesting in itself, but it also reveals what development systems were being used.

to 2600 apple2 atari800 games retrocomputing ... on 24 January 2016

Olde Skuul edit / delete

Rebecca Heineman's collection of old game source code; mostly Apple II.

to apple apple2 games retrocomputing source ... on 11 January 2016

Michael J Mahon's Home Page: NadaNet, AppleCrate, Synth edit / delete

Using 17 Apple II motherboards and a homebrew network system to build a 16-voice synthesiser is a bit silly. Also quite cool, though.

to amusements apple2 distributed network retrocomputing synth ... on 10 June 2014

Welcome to AppleLogic edit / delete

Analysing and rebuilding 8-bit Apple computers.

to 6502 apple apple2 electronics fpga microcomputer retrocomputing ... on 13 January 2014

Prince Of Persia Code Review Part 1 edit / delete

Reading the Prince of Persia source and understanding how it works.

to ag0700 apple2 design games prince-of-persia reading-code retrocomputing ... on 14 December 2013

Mike's Hobby Home Page edit / delete

DIY Apple 1 and Apple 2 motherboards (and prototyping cards, etc.). Very neat stuff.

to apple apple1 apple2 electronics retrocomputing ... on 30 July 2012

James Tauber : ApplePy edit / delete

An Apple II (and thus 6502) emulator in Python.

to 6502 apple2 emulation python ... on 17 August 2011

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