8086tiny: a tiny PC emulator/virtual machine - Home edit / delete

Extended version of the IOCCC winner.

to 8086 cute-code emulator ioccc pc retrocomputing ... on 25 March 2014

Q-emuLator Sinclair QL emulator edit / delete

QL emulator, including tool for archiving Microdrive cartridges.

to emulator ql retrocomputing sinclair software ... on 15 May 2011

The Analytical Engine Table of Contents edit / delete

An excellent set of Analytical Engine resources, complete with an emulator and a set of example programs. I'll strike that idea off the to-do list, then.

to babbage emulator mechanica retrocomputing retrotech ... on 01 October 2010

B-EM - The BBC Micro Emulator edit / delete

Another BBC emulator.

to acorn bbc emulator software ... on 17 March 2010

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