About Selectric Typewriter Museum edit / delete

More interesting for the various very early PCs.

to ibm pc retrocomputing typewriter ... on 06 January 2018

BBC Computer Pages - Home edit / delete

"I am putting on these pages a few miscellaneous items that might interest those people who still like to play with BBC Computers. Most of what is here concerns the BBC Master 512"

to acorn bbc drdos gem master pc retrocomputing ... on 15 September 2016

GP-01 by Genesis Project :: pou√ęt.net edit / delete

The CGA demo that needed fixes to work on a real CGA card...

to cga debugging demo pc scalzi ... on 28 March 2016

TEXTMOD.ES edit / delete

"The text mode art preservation network". With Amiga and PC collections.

to amiga ascii demoscene pc retrocomputing text ... on 08 February 2016

Welcome to the retro cracking, warez and art underground - Defacto2 edit / delete

Intros and other ephemera for 80s/90s cracked software. PC focus, though.

to cracking demoscene intro pc retrocomputing ... on 31 December 2015

Lo-tech 8-bit IDE Adapter rev.2 - lo-tech.co.uk edit / delete

Homebrewable IDE adaptor for early PC hardware. Fortunately the ancient hard disk in my AT still works...

to electronics hard-disk ide isa pc retrocomputing ... on 20 November 2015

Brutman.Com edit / delete

The author of mTCP, a lightweight TCP/IP stack for early PCs. Being able to run an FTP server on my AT definitely beats moving files around on floppies! (And was about the best way to rescue the existing contents of the hard disk.)

to msdos networking pc retrocomputing tcpip ... on 13 September 2015

oldskool support -> [central point option board] edit / delete

A famous late-80s disk imaging ISA board, and the software to support it.

to floppy imaging pc retrocomputing software ... on 13 September 2015

Retrograde Station edit / delete

A large collection of early PC "booter" games, mostly converted to be hard-disk installable. Useful if you're after period-appropriate software for an XT or AT. (Although this hostname appears to be pointing at a different site today, for some reason...)

to cga games ibm mda msdos pc retrocomputing software ... on 13 September 2015

The Dosbox-X project edit / delete

An extended version of dosbox, with more accurate hardware emulation -- so it can run a wider range of games and demos.

to dosbox emulation msdos pc software ... on 22 March 2015

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