SCSI2SD - code/src wiki edit / delete

"The SCSI Hard Drive Emulator for retro computing."

to electronics hard-disk retrocomputing scsi sd ... on 14 October 2016

Lo-tech 8-bit IDE Adapter rev.2 - edit / delete

Homebrewable IDE adaptor for early PC hardware. Fortunately the ancient hard disk in my AT still works...

to electronics hard-disk ide isa pc retrocomputing ... on 20 November 2015

MFM Disk Reader/Emulator edit / delete

Reading MFM hard disks with a BeagleBone Black. This suggests that a similar strategy would work for floppies.

to archiving beaglebone disk electronics embedded hard-disk imaging mfm retrocomputing ... on 05 February 2014

Backblaze Blog ยป What Hard Drive Should I Buy? edit / delete

Reliability figures from Backblaze's drive farm. My home RAID array's due for replacement this year, which means choosing which drives to go for; this is exactly the kind of data I was after.

to drive hard-disk reliability sata storage ... on 22 January 2014

Sprites mods - Hard disk hacking - Intro edit / delete

Reverse-engineering a SATA hard disk's firmware. Spoiler: he ends up porting uClinux to it...

to arm embedded hard-disk jtag reverse-engineering sata ... on 23 December 2013

The Red Hill Guide to Computer Hardware edit / delete

A well-written historical perspective on PC hardware -- notable CPUs, hard disks and motherboards -- from a small Australian PC shop. Worth reading.

to cpu hard-disk motherboard pc retrocomputing ... on 06 September 2009

Wiesner Homepage [Thomas, Microcontroller hard disk interface] edit / delete

Relatively easy hard disk interfacing. Might be more interesting for the BBC or something...

to electronics hard-disk microcontroller ... on 10 August 2007

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