Sprites mods - Hard disk hacking - Intro edit / delete

Reverse-engineering a SATA hard disk's firmware. Spoiler: he ends up porting uClinux to it...

to arm embedded hard-disk jtag reverse-engineering sata ... on 23 December 2013

AVR Downloader/UploaDEr - Patches: patch #4330, Adds experimental FTDI bit bang... [Savannah] edit / delete

avrdude patches for programming using an FTDI chip's control lines.

to avr ftdi jtag microcontroller ... on 16 November 2008

Arduino Diecimila / Burning the Bootloader without AVR-Writer edit / delete

Using the FTDI serial chip on (recent?) Arduinos to do JTAG programming.

to arduino embedded ftdi jtag ... on 15 November 2008

NSA :: Hardware :: JTAG edit / delete

Reverse-engineer boards with FPGAs on automatically using JTAG. This is unlikely to ever be something I'll need to do, but it's a neat idea.

to electronics fpga jtag reverse-engineering ... on 02 September 2007

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