Experiments with an L298 DC motor control module – brainwagon edit / delete

This rang a bell because I'd been looking for a convenient way of speed-controlling a DC motor for my Leslie 825.

to electronics leslie motor ... on 29 June 2020

jimalfredson.com | Home for musician, composer, Hammond organist Jim Alfredson. edit / delete

Organist with Organissimo and Theo. Reviews of organ-related products; particularly interesting for comparisons of models with real hardware.

to hammond jazz leslie music organ prog ... on 04 September 2016


Detailed instructions on oiling various Hammonds, with pictures. This was useful to see what my L-100 was *meant* to look like inside when reassembling it.

to hammond leslie mechanica oil organ ... on 27 August 2016

Index of /leslie_kits edit / delete

Manuals for all the Leslie hookup kits, past and present. Most of these have schematics. This was invaluable when connecting my Hammond L-100 (circa 1965) and Leslie 2101 (circa 2005) -- Suzuki T/A Hammond do make a kit for that, and the schematic's here...

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Captain Foldback's Hammond and Leslie Page! edit / delete

Everything you could possibly want to know about Leslie speakers: pinouts, schematics, comprehensive model lists, etc. etc.

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Inside the Fender Vibratone edit / delete

A Leslie designed for guitarists.

to amplifier audio guitar leslie retrotech ... on 18 July 2016

Hammond Tonewheel Organs edit / delete

Modifying a Hammond M-100 series spinet organ to behave more like a B-3.

to electronics hammond leslie organ retrotech tonewheel ... on 29 June 2015

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