Industrial Alchemy edit / delete

Unusual valves, semiconductors and display devices - all the things that were competing with Nixie tubes, for example.

to electronics history led retrotech semiconductor valve ... on 07 October 2017 forums :: View topic - Birdman's Die Shot Collection edit / delete

Links to pictures of all sorts of CPUs. (The one I was after -- the Russian 8085 clone -- isn't here, though!)

to chip cpu die electronics photo semiconductor ... on 22 August 2014

LittleDiode Ltd. edit / delete

Suppliers of obscure semiconductors, including radio spares.

to electronics radio semiconductor shopping transistor ... on 19 January 2010

Physical Fabrication of Transistors edit / delete

Notably, the history of transistor (and early IC) construction.

to chip electronics history ic retrotech semiconductor transistor ... on 22 September 2009

the first integrated circuits edit / delete

This includes a picture of an early DTL IC from the same series I've got, and is generally a good overview of early chips.

to chip electronics history ic retrotech semiconductor ... on 21 September 2009

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