Forth extension proposal RfDs and CfVs edit / delete

You've used C++11 and Fortran 2015 -- now try Forth 2012.

to forth language-design ... on 24 June 2015

Toddy Software edit / delete

"In this page, I am offering my achievements in terms of software for the ZX81. These are programs that I developed and others that I just modified to incorporate new features such as AY sound or characters redefinition." Includes a high-performance FORTH.

to forth retrocomputing sinclair software zx81 ... on 24 June 2015

Thinking Forth edit / delete

Leo Brodie's classic book, now available under a Creative Commons license.

to books etext forth language-design programming rpn software-engineering ... on 24 November 2014

Gameduino: a game adapter for microcontrollers — excamera edit / delete

Arduino shield based on the J1 Forth CPU. I like the idea, and it looks like it'd be fun to program, but it's pretty expensive when you factor in the cost of the Arduino too.

to ag0700 arduino forth games hardware ... on 26 March 2012

The J1 Forth CPU — excamera edit / delete

Forth CPU in an FPGA.

to architecture cpu forth fpga ... on 26 March 2012

Stack Computers: the new wave -- an on-line book edit / delete

A late-80s overview of stack-based processors.

to architecture cpu forth stack transputer ... on 23 March 2012

GreenArrays, Inc. edit / delete

Chuck Moore's latest Forth chip, with multiple cores and a channel-ish communication mechanism. Might be fun to play with.

to concurrency cpu embedded forth microcontroller multicore parallel ... on 29 October 2010

Forth Dimensions edit / delete

Back issues as PDFs.

to forth ... on 30 May 2009

Jupiter Ace Resource Site - Introduction and Home page. edit / delete

Lots of Ace information and software.

to ace forth retrocomputing ... on 30 November 2007

Factor programming language edit / delete

A FORTH-style language with Lisp data types. Interesting, although I'm not convinced I'd actually want to program in it.

to design factor forth functional language lisp research ... on 20 May 2006

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