David May's Transputer Page edit / delete

The early history of the transputer.

to inmos microcode occam retrocomputing transputer ... on 20 January 2015

GeekDot - Helios Next Generation edit / delete

Helios -- the roughly-Unixish microserver-based OS for transputers -- is now free software.

to concurrency helios os retrocomputing software transputer ... on 26 March 2014

Whitecross WX9020 edit / delete

That's... a lot of transputers. Apparently it's a dedicated massively-parallel SQL database!

to retrocomputing transputer whitecross ... on 15 December 2013

GeekDot - GeekDot - home of real men's hardware edit / delete

Collector of interesting old hardware -- including lots of transputer stuff. If you want to know how to install Helios or max out the RAM on a transputer card -- or build your own TRAMs! -- this is the place to look...

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Stack Computers: the new wave -- an on-line book edit / delete

A late-80s overview of stack-based processors.

to architecture cpu forth stack transputer ... on 23 March 2012

Gallery Home edit / delete

Assorted photos from Rutherford Appleton Lab, including a number of transputer conferences; features some familiar faces...

to academia computing history inmos retrotech transputer ... on 11 March 2010

Technical Notes edit / delete

Transputer tech notes. Some very interesting stuff here: applications (notably the multiplayer flight simulator), introductions to the programming model, optimisation tips...

to concurrency research retrocomputing transputer ... on 06 December 2008

Notes for Tony Duell's talks edit / delete

Includes a talk on how to build transputer systems (which looks suspiciously easy), plus other interesting retrocomputing stuff.

to electronics retrocomputing transputer ... on 19 January 2008

Transputers, Helios, and more fun edit / delete

Mostly about the Atari Abaq Transputer-based workstation and HeliOS.

to os research retrocomputing transputer ... on 26 September 2007

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