Nim Programming Language edit / delete

It's like Python but with a "parallel:" construct and a usage checker. Sounds familiar to anyone? :)

to concurrency language-design nim occam python ... on 22 March 2015

David May's Transputer Page edit / delete

The early history of the transputer.

to inmos microcode occam retrocomputing transputer ... on 20 January 2015

GeekDot - GeekDot - home of real men's hardware edit / delete

Collector of interesting old hardware -- including lots of transputer stuff. If you want to know how to install Helios or max out the RAM on a transputer card -- or build your own TRAMs! -- this is the place to look...

to cpu electronics hpc occam retrocomputing tram transputer ... on 13 December 2013

Gilbert Dhuime edit / delete

Gilbert's occam-pi manual (in French).

to concurrency occam teaching ... on 22 September 2011

Christian Lyder Jacobsen - Publications edit / delete

I do like the way Christian's site displays these.

to concurrency embedded occam publications transterpreter ... on 08 May 2010

TwistedSquare / Publications edit / delete

Neil's publications.

to c++ concurrency haskell occam publications ... on 08 May 2010

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