Bob's Stuff edit / delete

A collection of very impressive modern games for the ZX81 and Spectrum. Includes several with novel approaches to graphics -- e.g. isometric 3D on the ZX81, and coloured ASCII art on the Spectrum.

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Toddy Software edit / delete

"In this page, I am offering my achievements in terms of software for the ZX81. These are programs that I developed and others that I just modified to incorporate new features such as AY sound or characters redefinition." Includes a high-performance FORTH.

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ZX Resource Centre - Sinclair ZX Interface 2, ZX Spectrum 128 and ZX80 edit / delete

Various ZX80/81/Spectrum mods, including RGB output. There's lots of interesting information here but the wacky navigational structure makes it hard to find...

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ZX81 RULES OK! edit / delete

"Here you will find a collection of articles of enhancements for the ZX81 Personal Computer."

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ZX81 Emulator edit / delete

But not just any ZX81 emulator: a command-line one. This lets you use ZX81 BASIC as a scripting language. The examples include CGI scripts written in it... (A better use might be to drive 1K Chess from xboard.)

to basic cgi cute-code retrocomputing sinclair zx81 ... on 20 January 2015

Tynemouth Software: ZX81 internal 16K RAM edit / delete

How to fit a 62128/62256 to a ZX81. I wonder if I've got one that still has a working keyboard matrix...

to electronics ram retrocomputing sinclair zx81 ... on 24 July 2014

Full ZX-81 Chess in 1K edit / delete

The (relatively) famous 1K chess for the ZX81.

to 1k chess retrocomputing z80 zx81 ... on 20 July 2013

Grant's hardware homepage edit / delete

DIY ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter Ace, UK101, etc.

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Wilf Rigter edit / delete

Assorted ZX81 addons -- hires graphics, dynamic clock speed switching, etc.

to electronics retrocomputing sinclair zx81 ... on 31 October 2012

Fred Nachbaur's ZX81 Page edit / delete

Various hi-res software for the ZX81.

to retrocomputing software zx81 ... on 29 December 2008

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