Computer and coding books from Usborne Publishing edit / delete

More specifically, PDFs of most of the 80s books they published. I've got a few that aren't on here, but it does include my favourite, "Write Your Own Adventure Programs". Which I did!

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dec :: Books :: 101 BASIC Computer Games Mar75 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive edit / delete

There were plenty of books like this around in the early 80s: a large collection of type-in BASIC games. But this one's a bit earlier than those I've got.

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"Back in the late 1980s I was given a copy of Commodore's original assembler source code that was used to compile the 8-bit BASIC and KERNEL operating systems ROMs for the 6/700 series."

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ZX81 Emulator edit / delete

But not just any ZX81 emulator: a command-line one. This lets you use ZX81 BASIC as a scripting language. The examples include CGI scripts written in it... (A better use might be to drive 1K Chess from xboard.)

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Tiny Basic Info edit / delete

Tom Pittman's Tiny Basic, and some games, including a remarkably complete adventure.

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